Once upon a time a pretty princess was looking for a consort. Aristrocats and the whealthy people came from everywhere to offer her wonderful gifts. Some of these extravangant gifts included: jewellery, land, artillery and thrones.However, there was an unlikely candidate among the consorts. A poor young peasant who had only his love and perseverence.

When he had the opportunity to talk to the princess he told her: "I have loved you all my life, but I´m a poor man and I don´t have any riches to give you as a gift. I´ll offer you a sacrifice. My sacrifice will be proof of my love; I´ll spend 100 days at your front door, under your window, with no clothes nor food. This is the only way I can prove my love.
The princess was atonished because of the generous offer and accepted.
She said: If you acomplish this trial I´ll marry you.

The time past so quicly for the princess.The suiter endured wind, snow and frozen nights.Without even blinking his eyes were loocked at his lover´s window. The brave man stayed true to his proposal with no rest.The princess when passing often smiled at him as a signal of her approval.The community were planning the festivities they´d hold for when they got married.When day 99 came the people were excited for the end of the man´s suffering.
Everybody was happy but with one hour left until the end of day 99, a shocking thing happened. The man got up and left. Everyone was atonished.

It wasn´t until some weeks after a person saw him and asked him: "What pappened to you? You were on your las day to your obejetive.Why did you lose your opportunity? why did you leave?The young man said disappointed: "if the princess didn´t want to save me from one day of suffering, or even one hour, it´s from this I know she doesn´t love me in return.


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