A file containing a series of GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) graphics that are displayed in rapid sequence in a Web browser, giving the appearance of a moving picture. See also GIF.

The ability to access a remote computer system on which one does not have an account, via the Internet's File Transfer.

Users have restricted access rights with anonymous FTP and usually can only list, view, or copy files to or from a public directory on the remote system. Many FTP sites do not permit anonymous FTP access in order to maintain security. See also FTP.

(American Standard Code for Information Interchange) A coding scheme using 7 or 8 bits that assigns numeric values to up to 256 characters, including letters, numerals.

Punctuation marks, control characters, and other symbols. ASCII was developed in 1968 to standardize data transmission among disparate hardware and software systems and is built into all personal computers.

Reusable software components that incorporate.
Reusable software components that incorporate ActiveX technology.
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